Body Treatments

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Body Treatments

* Call for an additional discount with our freshman interns, in addition to our group rates and packages.

AVI Day Spa Honey Body Masque
(single session) $ 115 (six sessions) $ 575
Beginning with the Honey Scrub, your body is covered with honey, concluding with a wrap in steamed herbal sheets.
AVI Day Spa Honey Scrub
(single session) $ 75
(six sessions) $ 385
We use a honey almond scrub with 40% honey that makes your body receptive to the oils & herbs you will experience in our treatments.
AVI Day Spa Special
(single session) $ 215 (six sessions) $ 1035
Full Body, salt glow and body shampoo in the Spa Wet Room on the table with Vichy shower and 1 hour full body Swedish massage.
Aromatherapy Wrap
(single session) $ 110
(six sessions) $ 440
With energizing essential oil.

Aromatic Hydrotherapy Bath

(20 min) $ 49

With choice of sea salt or aromatherapy oils. Only $39. (Please request prior to any body massage treatment.)
Black Baltic Sea Purification Treatment
(75 min) $ 120
(six sessions) $ 612
A unique black mud is applied to the body while conditioning aromatic oil is massaged into the hair and scalp. This treatment is designed to exfoliate dry skin, nourish and detoxify the skin and body. The Black Baltic Mud utilizes organic colloidal European Black Fresh Water Salts to improve skin texture and extract pore-clogging impurities that damage and weaken skin. A loofah cloth is used during a shower to remove the clay and is followed by a gentle application of Lavender, Calendula and Evening Primrose Oils. Relaxation in the sauna completes this purifying ritual.
Body Bronzing
(single session) $ 95
(six sessions) $ 351
Exfoliation/body scrub with self-tanning lotion.
Cellulite / Firming Wrap
(single session) $ 110
(six sessions) $ 528
An exfoliate prepares the skin for high concentration of firming ingredients to revitalize, regain elasticity & firmness.
Detoxifying Spiruline Wrap
(single session) $ 141
(six sessions) $ 640
This therapy begins with a Spirulina Body Wrap, rich in nourishing elements, and finishes with a light massage application using a concentrated mineral crème and lavender essential oil. Deluxe treatment includes a therapeutic, thalasso shower.
Ear Candling$ 45
With no discomfort, old ear wax and noxious toxins are removed helping to relieve pressure, wax buildup and inner ear blockage.
Elderberry Herbal Wrap
(single session) $ 105
(six sessions) $ 490
To relax the muscles and encourage the elimination of toxins, your body is wrapped in sheets steeped in a traditional Chumash Elderberry Herbal solution used to hydrate the skin.
Essential Oils Wrap
(45 min) $ 90
(six sessions) $ 398
This luxurious wrap of aromatherapy oils and vitamin enriched mineral crème is massaged into the skin to soothe tired muscles and to hydrate the skin. This treatment is beneficial after sports or sun exposure.
Full Body Anti-Sea Mud Mask
(75 min) $ 95
(six sessions) $ 485
An exhilarating treatment to soothe tired, sore muscles as well as cleanse and nourish the skin. A special mud mixture is applied to body and face and the therapist also conditions your hair. A finishing skin moisturizer is applied to the body after the mud is showered off.
Green Tea Cellulite Wrap
(single session) $ 120
(six sessions) $ 540
After a dry brushing for exfoliation, Yamaguchi’s medicinal green tea cellulite marine mud is applied to the body, giving special attention to cellulite-prone areas. Contour spray is applied with a deep-kneading, and vibrating massage technique to improve circulation.
Hydrotherapy Tub & Aromatherapy Wrap or Massage
(single session) $ 140
(six sessions) $ 660
Rejuvenating treatment begins with a hydrotherapy bath to relieve muscle tension, followed by application of essential oils, wrap or massage.
Lavender Relaxation Wrap
(75 min) $ 135
(six sessions) $ 627
This signature treatment will deliver you to the Lavender Fields of Provence. Skin will first be smoothed with our relaxing and balancing Lavender and Primrose Salt Scrub, then wrapped in an aromatic cocoon of French Rose Body Mud containing hydrating amino acids and gently refining Lactic Acid. Our treatment concludes with our Lavender and Calendula Hydrating Lotion to seal in moisture and nourish skin. This treatment includes a scalp and face massage for a truly relaxing experience.
Micro-Buff Body Polish
(45 min) $ 75
(six sessions) $ 383
Unveil a silken complexion with this uniquely effective and gentle body exfoliation. The Micro-Buff Body Polish boasts a plentitude of specialized ingredients to refine the roughest and flakiest areas without irritation. The ingredients penetrate the epidermis to attract and lock in moisture, accelerate cell renewal and lift away surface dryness to leave skin petal-soft. After the exfoliating body scrub is applied and rinsed, the treatment finished with an application of Lavender and Calendula hydrating body lotion.
Milk & Honey Body Buff & Butter Treatment
(75 min) $ 120
(six sessions) $ 612
Unveil silken skin with this unique gentle exfoliating treatment utilizing Milk, Honey, Clover and Royal Jelly. Your entire body will be polished and replenished with this special combination of effective ingredients including Vitamins A,B,C,E,K, and collagen and lecithin to cleanse, soften and protect skin.
Paraffin Body Moisturizing Wrap
(65 min) $ 135
(six sessions) $ 627
After a dry brushing of the body to simulate circulation to the skin, a deluxe Lemongrass Emollient moisturizer is applied. The skin is replenished while the body relaxes in a warm paraffin wrap. Our most effective and luxurious body treatment.
(single session) $ 95
(six sessions) $ 485
The Chumash tradition of using crushed rose petals was the inspiration for this treatment. It includes a rose powder massage to gently exfoliate, rose gel shower & a nurturing rose oil massage.
Relaxing Rose Firming Body Treatment
(75 min) $ 115
(six sessions) $ 587
European Rose Mud and the Therapeutic Firming Complex are applied to the body. The French Provencal rose clay is high in silicon, aluminum, calcium and has been infused with powerful source derivatives to create a multifunctional skin renewing formula. The treatment targets uneven, tired, and slackened skin to give the body a sleeker appearance. Special extract increase elimination, reduce swelling and congestion from excess fluid, help burn excess toxins and fatty materials, fight inflammation, increase energy and soothe and nourish the skin. A Bulgarian Rose floral mist is applied, completing the indulgent and effective treatment.
Salt Glow Body Polish, Detoxifying Body Treatment
(single session) $ 95
(six sessions) $ 489
Exfoliate and detoxify they body with Aloe antioxidants.
Salt Glow Body Polish and Aromatherapy Wrap
(single session) $ 125
(six sessions) $ 590
Dead cells are removed, body is wrapped in essential oil, refreshing shower cleanses, relaxes and revitalizes the body.
(single session) $ 85
(six sessions) $ 435
This combines a sandalwood powder massage to gently exfoliate, sandalwood gel shower & a sandalwood oil massage.
Seaweed Body Mask & Wrap
(single session) $ 110
(six sessions) $ 490
Using a self-heating marine mask in combination with a special blend of essential oils extracted from plants & flowers. Purifies & detoxifies the body.
Signature Body Treatment
(85 min) $ 145 (six sessions) $ 740
A head-to-toe treat for the skin with Vitamin C. This body is polished and hydrated with Vitamin C, Sugar, Silica Beads, and Jojoba Oil, essential oils of Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, and Jasmine using a silkening scrub. A conditioning Citrus Aromatic Oil is massaged into the hair and scalp. The moisture is then sealed in with a fresh citrus scented Vitamin C lotion for an ultimate radiant glow. The face is cleansed and exfoliated with gentle, natural Papaya enzymes leaving flawlessly soft skin. Then a rich, firming serum full of Vitamin C is applied, drenching the skin with antioxidants and moisture. A plumping and firming lip treatment is added, followed by a finishing moisturizer of face-saving sunscreen.

* Note: Do not have this service if you are allergic to iodine or shellfish. Call Us for Appointment at 703-759-2200