Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

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Lasting looks have been developed by AVI Day Spa. We have perfected the art of permanent make-up as is illustrated by the hundreds of satisfied clients in the United States, France, and Switzerland.

AVI Day Spa has more than ten years of experience as a micropigmentation specialist in the make-up industry.

We have worked extensively with plastic surgeons, dermatologists & other skin care specialists, from all over the world. Countless women, from domestic engineers to high profile celebrities have found her professional services to be very beneficial in enhancing their appearance. So, if you are a woman who always wants to look her very best with the least amount of time and effort, read on and learn more about LASTING LOOKS. Anesthesia is available upon request for these procedures.

“Many of my clients are prominent women who really don’t have the time to apply and reapply make-up throughout the day,” explains Nahid, Micropigmentation specialist and owner of AVI Day Spa. “But I would say the majority of my clients are professionals who don’t want to spend lot of time dealing with make-up. It’s fun when your 16, but that can get a little old.” She has applied permanent make-up to approximately 8,000 clients in the past 12 years.

Permanent make-up can enhance the appearance of people with alopecia (hair loss), especially to the eyebrows, by applying individual, hair-like lines. People with vitiligo, (uneven patches of skin lacking color) burns and scars are treated by rematching the surrounding tissue. Word of mouth usually offers the best guarantee of good results. “Look at the clients portfolio of before and after shots,” says Nahid.

Before & After Pictures

Permanent Make-up Services

lips before
  • Eyebrows or Eyeliner
  • Lip Liner
  • Scar Concealment
  • Beauty Mark
Lips – before Lips – after  
Eye Liner – before Eye Liner – after  

Karen is back for her follow-up. She is delighted with her new look. She had her eyebrows, eyes, and lips done. She adds only foundation and blush, and born with great skin, uses nothing else. “It used to take me 25 minutes to put on make-up in the morning,” says Karen, but “Now, I’m out the door in no time!”

Imagine, never having to put on make-up. Never having to worry about smudges. Waking up already made-up. Tossing out the lip brushes and eye liners and flipping the TV channels when yet another ad for a truly last-all-day cosmetic comes on. Never having to re-apply lipstick at a restaurant, and try to wipe off a smudge of the same from a glass. You can have upper lids lined by Nahid, who can also enhance your eyebrows with tiny, hair-like strokes of her needle. “The goal is to allow a women to get up in the morning and run out of the house without looking washed out,” Nahid says.

Lasting Looks uses pigments that are approved and widely used in the cosmetics industry. The clinic tests patients for allergic reactions before doing any procedures.

Nahid’s philosophy is to talk her clients out of anything too trendy. No Cleopatra eyes here. Most of the colors last three to five years, although the pigment may not fade on very fair skinned women for as long as ten years. Clients of permanent make-up services range from busy women who don’t have the time, or don’t want to bother, to people who aren’t able to apply cosmetics the way they want it because of arthritis or poor eyesight, to women who wear contacts & whose eyes water, making their make-up run.

When people ask you what wonderful lipstick you are using that manages to stay on during a meal, just tell them the truth.

A client who had permanent make-up done was outside gardening one day and the neighbor came up and said “you put on make-up to work in the yard?” She just smiled knowingly.

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